Levi's, Who made my jeans?!
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Do you know who made your clothes?

Who made the clothes I’m wearing today? I really have no idea. The choice of where to buy my clothes changed dramatically after one day in church, I saw a girl wearing the exact same flowery orange skirt with an orange belt I had bought earlier that week, at a franchised international fashion store. Not … Continue reading

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Women at work: Not having to choose!

“We shouldn’t have to choose between being good moms and being dedicated to our careers”. The availability of on-site child care, lactation programs and paid medical leaves are a must! I want to share this video with you, which shows how Patagonia uses on-site child care facilities to stimulate women to be both moms and … Continue reading


Fresh trigger to read Heineken’s Sustainability Report 2015

Today I’m sharing with you this great video I came across with on many online media. Heineken thought of a very creative way to draw attention to their 2015 Sustainability Report. It was the Dutch rapper Kevin “Blaxtar” de Randamie’s task to tell us to “Get Frank”. Here’s my favorite part: “His story was now … Continue reading

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Little steps towards a greener lifestyle

Every morning when we wake up, we start making choices: “What am I wearing today?, how long will I let the water run during my shower? Or shall I fill the tub again this week? Where does the tea I drink come from? Can I do more, besides recycling (I still have a lot of … Continue reading

CSR…Mere Sustainababble?!

Without finding a clear difference between CSR 2.0 and CSR 3.0, one thing is for sure: There was a CSR 1.0, CSR 2.5 and there will be a CSR 5.0 some day. It is a science in evolution. I like the smart sound to that. Since the start of my Sustainability journey, I have encountered … Continue reading

Let the flood come

There is a saying that says: “God created the world, but the Dutch created The Netherlands”. The Netherlands (literally, “The low countries”), has approximately one quarter of its surface below sea level, which comprises 60% of the inhabitants of The Netherlands. Some points reach as low as 6.76 meters below sea level. … Continue reading