7 amazing organic infused products that will make you love your body even more!

Infused? What does it mean when something is infused?

One of my first encounters with infused products was with infused water. Since I’m not a natural talent when it comes to hydrating my body, my kidneys were desperately demanding some drops, especially during winter months. I wasn’t really aware of the health risks of not Continue reading

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7 reasons why you should buy Loeloe’s socially responsible, vegan bracelets

I’m not much of a jewelry person. Before I got engaged and married, little did “diamonds are a woman’s best friends” mean to me. I have some Jade on my right wrist bought as a souvenir on my trip to China.

I don’t want to leave you with a sober look on everything … Continue reading

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I-did Slow Fashion: Helping to close the cycle while serving a social purpose!

Mireille Geijsen was inspired nearly 10 years ago to found I-Did Slow Fashion (run today with Michiel Dekkers and a dedicated team), a social enterprise that really does something about textile waste in The Netherlands. By means of a circular business model (in contrast with the linear “take- make- consume-dispose”-model), used/ unsold textile is processed Continue reading


5 low budget gadgets to personally experience solar energy.

While deciding whether or not to install solar panels on your rooftop, here are a few solar powered gadgets to inspire you to start  or continue welcoming the sun.

Solar Power Experience

Continue reading
Omar Sling
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From waste to Curaçaoan art

A musical instrument appeared to me when words could not speak. Her body was steady like a pyramid and her soul formed by four chords. She said to me; I will develop your culture, change your sorrow into dance. Bring unity strength and harmony. Teach my children and they will never forget“~Omar Sling!… Continue reading

Meet Pepijn
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Treating the earth with respect!

Corporate scandals have pressed organisations into adopting ‘greener’ and more ‘sustainable’ business practices, taking care of our natural resources and thus treating the earth with respect. But what about our individual efforts? In this post, I’m sharing with you one the models I’ve encountered along the way here in Holland. I hope to inspire mostly … Continue reading

Showing my circular Bag
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Someone else’s clothes= my circular bag

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending the #fashionrevolution event, where we ask brands to tell us #whomademyclothes.

There, I bought my first Circular Bag!

Stay tuned for my next post!!… Continue reading

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Asking Mango: #Whomademyclothes

Yesterday I visited the #FashionRevolution event in Amsterdam. It as a nice event with a clothes library, a circular workshop stand and  some more. So I’m asking Mango, my jacket’s brand via www.fashionrevolution.org:

Dear Mango,

My name is Esther. I would like to thank the people who made my jacket. Who made it?… Continue reading

Levi's, Who made my jeans?!
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Do you know who made your clothes?

Who made the clothes I’m wearing today? I really have no idea. The choice of where to buy my clothes changed dramatically after one day in church, I saw a girl wearing the exact same flowery orange skirt with an orange belt I had bought earlier that week, at a franchised international fashion store. Not … Continue reading

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Women at work: Not having to choose!

“We shouldn’t have to choose between being good moms and being dedicated to our careers”. The availability of on-site child care, lactation programs and paid medical leaves are a must! I want to share this video with you, which shows how Patagonia uses on-site child care facilities to stimulate women to be both moms and … Continue reading