To stink or not to (s) think

Biomass energy: plants and animals could help us get this.

Organic materials can be converted into biogas, consisting of mostly methane and carbon dioxide. This contribute to green house gases which are positive considering global warming and climate change. Besides this, biomass is renewable and doesn’t mean depletion of natural resources.… Continue reading

Let the flood come

There is a saying that says: “God created the world, but the Dutch created The Netherlands”. The Netherlands (literally, “The low countries”), has approximately one quarter of its surface below sea level, which comprises 60% of the inhabitants of The Netherlands. Some points reach as low as 6.76 meters below sea level. … Continue reading

Esther = ? Planets

How many planets does it take to support my lifestyle?

The ecological footprint is an indicator of that. Simply put, how is our relationship with the planet? How many planets are needed to supply every individual

need? Officially this answer gives an indication of the Environmental Sustainability and the sustainability of individual lifestyles, organisations, … Continue reading

Am I a Curapolitan?

As I mentioned in my Initial Reflections, I got very much interested in Post Colonialism during the first weeks of my master. Expecting the lecture on this subject to be dry and boring, my eyes opened in amazement as I listened, to then doze off in thoughts of The Netherlands, Curaçao and Bonaire (see … Continue reading

Initial Reflections

* This post marks the start of my Professional Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility.


After leaving the “study bench”(literal translation from Dutch), more than 6 years ago, and having worked in very diverse areas (from truck driver to Market analyst), here I am again, faced with a new challenge. Why leave … Continue reading