Green Kidz will turn your world around!

Worried by the amount of waste on such a small island and the effect of cleaning it had on young children, a group of great people have started a project to educate children on recycling and waste management. Stay tuned to learn about this beautiful project and about ways to help! In the meantime go … Continue reading

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Little steps towards a greener lifestyle

Every morning when we wake up, we start making choices: “What am I wearing today?, how long will I let the water run during my shower? Or shall I fill the tub again this week? Where does the tea I drink come from? Can I do more, besides recycling (I still have a lot of … Continue reading

What you have is what I need! Collaborative Economy

The master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility covers such vast areas of development, sustainability and overall citizenship. “What you have is what I need”; that sounds rather selfish than sustainable. But here is what it boils down to: “share what you have”. In a collaborative economy it’s all about collaborating by sharing and/or reusing … Continue reading

China’s foreign Investment Policies

Writing about China’s Foreign Investment Policies as an assignment given during my study trip to China!


The (Western) new year 2015 opens with the news of China being the world leading recipient of Foreign Direct Investment, leaving the United States behind for the first time in history. Lately China is becoming more services oriented … Continue reading

Initial Reflections

* This post marks the start of my Professional Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility.


After leaving the “study bench”(literal translation from Dutch), more than 6 years ago, and having worked in very diverse areas (from truck driver to Market analyst), here I am again, faced with a new challenge. Why leave … Continue reading