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Little steps towards a greener lifestyle

Every morning when we wake up, we start making choices: “What am I wearing today?, how long will I let the water run during my shower? Or shall I fill the tub again this week? Where does the tea I drink come from? Can I do more, besides recycling (I still have a lot of work to do on that myself), wearing Sustainable shoes….yes! Remember when I bought them last year? (look at them). During these cold months my mind plays tricks on me, and the comfort of a ride in a warm car (trying not to drive at a high speed…less gases in the atmosphere…you know) often wins it from the metro or train. Anno 2016 I’m celebrating 30 years of vegetarianism (I cheated 3 years of my life). I can go on and on assessing my choices and measuring wether my lifestyle is dark- or light- green. But I believe we are all on a journey, individually, all with different goals regarding the lifestyle we want to lead.

I’m at the point where I try not to print as much as I used to do and that way contribute to forrest preservation (I’ll save you the statistics of the consequences for now). Today as I was considering printing new business cards I came across this great app: Bizz Card, which allows you to make digital business cards. (I know I might be running behind on this one, but like me, I know so many friends who still use the paper business card). It’s a quit old app already (since 2013), but it’s never too late to start! Just e-mail your card to your new business contact, and the app generates a .vcf file which makes it so easy to save your data on your new friends phone.

No more paper business cards for me! Give it a try! (It’s free by the way. Find it in your app store). :D. More little steps to follow (next in line is the Wood Watch).

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