5 low budget gadgets to personally experience solar energy.

While deciding whether or not to install solar panels on your rooftop, here are a few solar powered gadgets to inspire you to start  or continue welcoming the sun.

Solar Power Experience

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Meet Pepijn
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Treating the earth with respect!

Corporate scandals have pressed organisations into adopting ‘greener’ and more ‘sustainable’ business practices, taking care of our natural resources and thus treating the earth with respect. But what about our individual efforts? In this post, I’m sharing with you one the models I’ve encountered along the way here in Holland. I hope to inspire mostly … Continue reading

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Little steps towards a greener lifestyle

Every morning when we wake up, we start making choices: “What am I wearing today?, how long will I let the water run during my shower? Or shall I fill the tub again this week? Where does the tea I drink come from? Can I do more, besides recycling (I still have a lot of … Continue reading

To stink or not to (s) think

Biomass energy: plants and animals could help us get this.

Organic materials can be converted into biogas, consisting of mostly methane and carbon dioxide. This contribute to green house gases which are positive considering global warming and climate change. Besides this, biomass is renewable and doesn’t mean depletion of natural resources.… Continue reading