7 amazing organic infused products that will make you love your body even more!

Infused? What does it mean when something is infused?

One of my first encounters with infused products was with infused water. Since I’m not a natural talent when it comes to hydrating my body, my kidneys were desperately demanding some drops, especially during winter months. I wasn’t really aware of the health risks of not drinking enough water.

In an ultimate attempt to change the course of my life, I discovered It’s Yummy, Infused Water. It opened my eyes to a different way of drinking water! I felt relieved, there was still hope!

As I started drinking infused water, I discovered the many benefits of not only infused water but many other infused products on our body. While many people argue it would be better just to squeeze the lemon and eat the strawberries instead of infusing your water with them, after doing some research and speaking to specialists I conclude that I want to continue using as many infused products as possible.

One of the experts I’ve spoken to (and by the way a passionate entrepreneur) is Marerly (Elly) Sambo. Elly infuses everything, and believe me, It’s Yummy!

She’s a woman of many hats: Micro biologist, Intuitive health consultant and DIY organic products workshopper (does that word exist? Hahhaha). Elly’s journey to a modern herbal lady started when she took her health in her own hands and discovered she could heal herself with natural resources we find in nature: fruits, nut, herbs and plants. Tired of visits to her regular doctor, her microbiologic self told her there had to be an alternative way. Through infused water, she healed herself and made it her cause to heal others with her own brand: It’s Yummy. Elly makes herbs and plants attractive, therapeutic..just sexy. Because we do love our bodies!

Discover how these 7 amazing infused products benefit your health:

  1. Infused water: Hydration is one of the biggest benefits. Some of us (like myself) are walking around without even having a clue that we’re in need. Adding some natural flavor to water certainly has enticed me to drink more water. No artificial coloring, sugars or artificial flavors are included, meaning no extra calories. Drinking infused water can also help you lose weight. The more you drink, the more you increase the rate in which your body burns calories. Give your metabolism a boost, digest food easier and get more energy. Try Elly’s pineapple confidence, blueberry awareness, vibrant hibiscus and many more. Your blood-type will tell you what’s best for you!
  2. Infused tea blends: What I love from It’s Yummy’s tea blends is the care that Elly takes to sew all round or heart shaped teabags by hand. And since tea is my coffee, a miscalculated teatime can keep me up all night. Luckily I don’t have to bother when taking for example the Tranquili-tea or the Mentali-tea. Want to clean up your system? Have a few sips of the D-Toks.
  3. Infused Honey: While I discovered the benefits of organic turmeric it was difficult for me to get it down my throat withoutfeeling shivers down my spine. Until Elly infused some organic turmeric into organic honey, mixed with cloves and some other niceness. I found myself eating spoons of it in the morning, covering my breakfast oaths with this golden gel.
  4. Infused Body Wash (Vegan Friendly): This body wash soothes your skin while providing a refreshing and aromatic experience. It just lifts up your senses. My problem with over the counter body wash is the ingredient list. A long list of unpronounceables like Alpha Hydroxy Acid, ammonium laureate sulfate and glycolic acid. Not that these are bad per se, but why not get yourself some body wash where you know exactly what’s in it (all natural ingredients, vegan friendly).  This body wash will be Infused with herbs and oils that matches your blood type (A, B, AB, O).
  5. Infused Lip scrub: Dried up, all flaky lips is such a turn off. Especially when you apply lip balm hoping to mend your broken lips. I’ve fallen in love with the Infused Lip scrub which leaves your lips soft and soothed. Exfoliate your lips before applying your regular lip balm. Heavenly! I find myself using it several times a day and enjoying the sugary taste at the same time. Just lovely (my man just loves the softness of my lips). But besides, my lips are protected from any infection and embarrassment of the chapped lips look.
  6. Infused oils: an infused oil has the properties of the carrier oil and the herbs. Both the flavor and the scent. They make great companions for body hydrating, massage, aroma therapy and even for men beards (had no idea those existed). Depending on the herbs, an infused oil can be great for inflammation, baby rash and minor cuts (for example calendula infused). After sitting in the sun for a few days, the oil is ready to use.
  7. Herbal Smoke Blends: Though not really an infused product, it’s full of herbs and amazingness. Or so I imagine, I haven’t taste this one yet. During my wild years I used to smoke water pipe, which I thought was “healthier” than smoking cigarettes. As I matured, I discovered this not to be true.  These legal herbal smoke blends, as explained by Elly, are beneficial for the Mental, Physical and emotional health.

    Not only does Infuse mean to steep or to soak. It also means to Inspire: Elly truly infuses us with positive energy and lots of healing, all the way from the tiny island of Curaçao, in the Dutch Caribbean.

    Enjoy her creations via her Facebook page It’s Yummy- Infused Water.
    Contact her to discuss order and shipping possibilities.



    *All pictures have been used with permission

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