5 low budget gadgets to personally experience solar energy.

While deciding whether or not to install solar panels on your rooftop, here are a few solar powered gadgets to inspire you to start  or continue welcoming the sun.

Solar Power Experience

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CSR in SMEs of Curaçao (2) “See you at Mondi Lodge”


Continuing my journey to uncover sustainable practices in small and medium- sized enterprises (SMEs) in Curaçao, I’m shedding light on Mondi (meaning ‘bush’) Lodge. Experiencing Mondi Lodge as a local searching for a natural escape away from everyday, and enjoying the comfort of this resort first hand, has inspired me to share its sustainable characteristics. … Continue reading

Esther = ? Planets

How many planets does it take to support my lifestyle?

The ecological footprint is an indicator of that. Simply put, how is our relationship with the planet? How many planets are needed to supply every individual

need? Officially this answer gives an indication of the Environmental Sustainability and the sustainability of individual lifestyles, organisations, … Continue reading